This is a training designed to guide current / future flute teachers how to teach flute, especially teaching beginners. I’ve noticed many flute major graduates do not have an idea on how to conduct a flute lesson for beginner students, or may have experienced some of the issue below:
– Why my student progressing so slow?
– Student learn for few months then decided to stop lesson, whats wrong?
– My student cant understand my teaching.
– My student doesn’t have motivation in practice.
– What should I teach in the lesson?
– How to find / select teaching material?
– What is the difference between teaching kids or adult?
– Should I & when should I send my student for exam?
– Am I qualified to teach?

So, to assist you to become a better flute teacher, I have come out with the idea of conducting a 16-weeks flute pedagogy training, which most likely will start around May/June 2022, the training will happen once in a week, each session around 1.5~2 hours.
Only one training will be conducted this year, and might not doing it again in 2023.

Topics covered in the training:
– All the issues stated above
– Testimonial / demonstration on teaching a student
– How to write lesson plan?
– How to structure a lesson?
– Handling relationship between students & parents
– Professional image management
– Teacher’s etiquette
– How to teach intermediate & advance student?
– Sufficient teaching materials for you to cover at least beginner-grade 2 teaching

Trainer: Ms. Chew Sze Gee (biography)
Student’s progression testimonial

Training fees:
RM1600 RM600 for 16 sessions (one time payment)
– Maximum capacity 8, first come first serve
Update: 2 seats left only-

– The Flute Store Malaysia, Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ.

Time & date:
– Every Thursday 2-4pm
– Starting from middle of May or beginning of June