What is the age to start flute lesson?
The youngest age for asian to start usually begin around 6-8 years old.

Can I learn as an adult?
Of course, it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby.

I played the flute, but I’m not sure which level I am.
Don’t worry, teacher can judge based on your playing.

Which examination board CGFA using for students?
ABRSM or Trinity.

How many grades are there in the exam?
There are total of 8 performance grades and 3 levels of diploma, following UK grading system.

Is it fine if I don’t want to take exam?
Yes, it is totally fine that you don’t take exam. Teacher will still teach all necessary techniques of flute playing.

Is the flute a difficult instrument to play?
According to some scholars, the flute is a medium difficulty instrument to learn. Fortunately, it’s easy to work around these with the right help from qualified flute teachers.

How long does it takes to improve/to reach certain grades?
Usually it takes less than a year for a beginner without music background to complete grade 2 at CGFA, but the learning speed is depending on how committed you are in practicing. Average learning speed based on our experience: Beginner-Grade 2 (1 year), Grade 3-5 (1.5 years), Grade 6-8 (2 years).

How much would the lesson costs?
The fees are by month and vary based on the ranks of teachers, levels and duration. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer group class?
The only group thing is CGFA is the Flute Choir, we do not offer group class. Group music classes can’t offer precise individualised instruction. The teacher usually follows a predetermined lesson plan and must balance the needs of many students. These students will have different needs, abilities, learning styles, goals, or ages. So you just can’t get the same level of individual focus.

What is the schedule for flute lesson?
Since the flute lesson is conducted individually, please contact us for further arrangements.

I don’t have a flute, can I start my lesson?
Unfortunately, you must own an instrument to start any lesson. You may contact us for advise on flute purchasing matters.

Can I rent a flute?
Unfortunately, such service is not available in Malaysia yet.

What flute should I purchase?
Yamaha student model (YFL-212 or YFL-222) and Pearl student model (PF-505E) is a standard choice for beginner learner, they usually cost in the range of RM2200~3400. Muramatsu flutes is a good choice for those who thinking of upgrading.

Are there cheaper options for a beginner flute?
Yes there are, but we do not recommend to get anything lower than Yamaha YFL-222. This is because the quality of flute is affecting the learning speed in a direct way, student will spend their time “making a sound” rather than “playing music” especially when the instrument is very hard to control. You may opt for 2nd hand yamaha/pearl flutes, but make sure to consult your teacher as there are many fake yamaha in the market. Please beware that any Yamaha flute below RM2000 is a SCAM!

I saw a flute in Lazada / Shopee and it costs me only RM300~600, can I use it for lesson?
NO YOU CAN’T. Sorry to say, that is not a flute, but a piece of metal toy. It can’t produce proper tone and very difficult to even make a sound, which causing poor learning experience and momentum. You may exposed to the risk of lead poisoning because these instrument doesn’t undergoes a proper silver plating procedure.

How often do I need to service my flute?
We recommend getting your flute serviced (also known as a “clean-oil-adjust” or “COA” or annual maintenance) once a year assuming normal use. Please visit this link for more information about flute service: https://theflutestoremalaysia.com/repair-service/

What kind of performing opportunities I have?
We encourage our students to join the CGFA Flute Choir for yearly concerts, and we features individual’s performance video in our YouTube channel regularly.

Where are you located?
Our address is 21B, Jalan SS26/6, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I have more questions
Please contact us for more information.

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