Classical flute lesson for all age groups, face to face or online, taught by professional flute teachers.

Course structure
Classes are designed and conduct individually in order to be specific and focus on individual growth. No music background is totally fine to start. Music theory or aural skills could be included in the lesson.

Levels of progression
– Beginner: Beginner – Grade 2
– Intermediate: Grade 3 – 5
– Advanced: Grade 6 – 8

Learning for leisure
Our teacher will include the necessary technical knowledge and musical skills to help you achieve your goal.

Serious learning with exam
Our teacher will prepare you for the ABRSM or Trinity flute exams, as well as theory exam if you do not have musical background. We usually encourage students to skip some of the exam grades but we do not compromise with the knowledge students need to know.

Lesson Duration (Individual)
– Beginner: 60 minutes
– Intermediate: 60 minutes
– Advanced: 60 / 90 minutes
– Diploma: 60 / 90 minutes

Example of topics included in lesson
– Correct embouchure formation
– Holding a flute with proper posture
– Fundamental instrument maintenance knowledge
– How to read music score
– Musical knowledge from basic to advance level
– Techniques such as: articulation, tone projection, tuning, listening skill, vibrato, musicianship skill, ensemble skills etc

Method books & supporting materials
Beginner students in CGFA will start with a comprehensive method book written by our principal, then followed by standard flute repertoires and studies. Students will exposed to notable methods by famous flute pedagods such as Henry Altes, Trever Wye, Marcel Moyse, Taffanel-Gaubert and so on. We have a list of practice materials updated regularly to provide an enjoyable flute playing journey.

Why learning at CGFA?
Unlike guitar or piano, playing the flute is less intuitive and therefore it is not an instrument that can easily be self-taught. You need a qualified flute teacher to give you direct feedback and to avoid development of bad habits. It is way more challenging to change a bad habit than learning a new technique.

All individual weekly lesson note will be recorded with google classroom system, monitored by our Principal to ensure a high quality learning experience.

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